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Millions of Words Behind My Writing

I've been writing professionally since 1989. My experience ranges from magazine articles, to newsletters, year end reports, video scripts, marketing copy, Web content, proposals, speech writing ... all the way to full-length books published by Wiley and Sons — four of them so far.

I love to write. I love to teach. I have made my living communicating, and when I am not writing professionally, I write for fun. I bring my enthusiasm for this challenging craft to every project. The same work that is a heavy burden for many is a joy for me. That joy comes through in sparkling, lively text that teaches, motivates, inspires — whatever the goal for the piece.

As a professional writer, at times I'm paid to be a chameleon to meet the appropriate style. Although I'll stand firm defending communication principles (that's why you hire me), the writing must match with corporate image and culture. I've worked hard to develop that skill.

Don't take my word for it. See my portfolio. If you like the tone, call me at 505-795-2162, or visit my contact page to drop a note. I have not yet met a writing challenge I could not meet. As long as my basic style fits with what you seek, we should talk about your project.



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Your Message ... But Better

Perhaps you have the writing completed, but you sense it is missing something. I can take your words, tighten the copy and clarify confusing points. I'll make sure that the resulting prose transmits the message you want, but has an accessible, easy-to-understand tone. Of course, I'll watch for incorrect or awkward grammar as well.

My editing services can offer the best of both worlds. I'll take your words, which come from your intimate knowledge of your goals, and use my communication experience to make your message fully accessible to your customers.

Your message is important. I can help you reach your communication goals. Let's talk! You can reach me by phone at 505-795-2162, or visit the contact page to drop a note.

Wendy Peck

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