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Clear Language with a Smile

My style is distinctive — crisp and clean, with a friendly tone. Whether I am writing, editing, speaking or teaching, I know that the most effective communication is delivered with a lively, clean voice and a smile. I take your complicated concepts, strip away stumbling blocks to understanding, and use plain language with logical structure to communicate the message to your customers.

Marketing Experience Shows

Communication is always a form of marketing. I apply 25 years of business experience to my professional writing and teaching. You have a message to convey. My job is to help you reach your communication goals with enticing, easy to understand language.

Flexible and Creative

Depth of experience leads to creative problem solving. My experience ranges from newsletters and video production for the paper-making industry, to Web copy for a diamond retailer, to 500 page software books (see portfolio). When a new communication challenge appears, I delve into my years of experience to provide you with unique solutions.

Your message is too important for a cookie-cutter solution. Seek a professional communicator. Let's talk! You can reach me by phone at204-668-5639, or visit the contact page to drop a note.

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